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With less than a minute of work, embed your YouTube video on hundreds of sites, go viral, and watch your rankings skyrocket.

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    Syndicate to 100s of Sites on Autopilot
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    Add some basic info, hit submit, and rank
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    Use for yourself or your clients
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    So easy, you could teach your dog to use it!
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"Hi, I'm Michael. I have spent over 10 years in the SEO and Marketing industry. I know how important both time and results are, that's why I created Syndrank"

Michael Pedrotti

Never Build Another Manual Embed Again

Test after test has revealed that any video looking to rank needs to be shared, embedded, and linked—over and over and over again. If people are sharing it, then it must be popular. And if it’s popular, YouTube will rank it better.

But how do you get those shares? Let’s look at a tale of two SEOs…

SEO #1 does things the old fashioned way. Once he’s published his video, he spends a few hundred dollars in ads to promote it on Facebook in hopes that people will love it so much that viewers will share it with friends and bloggers will embed it on their websites.

He’s got to tweak his ads multiple times to find just the right audience, costing him more money in ad spend, and by the end of a few weeks he’s managed to get his video shared fifty times or so.

SEO #2 doesn’t want to gamble his money on ads, so he decides to build his own shares and embeds. He spends hours upon hours creating accounts on Tumblr, Weebly, Diigo, Facebook, and other web 2.0s and social bookmarking sites. He doesn’t want to leave any unnatural footprints, so he also goes through the hassle of setting up proxies to make sure that each account is set up from a different IP address.

Even after all of this, he’s still got to go through the mind numbing process of manually posting on every single property. He may have not had to spend anything on ads, but if time is money, SEO #2 has lost just as much as SEO #1.

There has to be a better way! Don't be like SEO #1 or #2

With Syndrank, you never have to build another web 2.0 or manually embed your videos again. In under 60 seconds, you can accomplish the same work that takes the other guys hours, days, or even weeks.

You don’t need an army of VAs and you don’t need to be a master of link outreach or ad analysis.

Just paste your video link , add a title and keywords, hit submit, and watch as your video gets syndicated automatically to hundreds of web properties and even embedded on our members-only PBN for extra link juice.

It really is that simple.

Video SEO Makes It Easier Than Ever to Make Money Online

Youtube Video ranking in 2018 is HOT. There is so much low hanging fruit just waiting to be nabbed by internet marketers who are willing to put in the hard work (or use the tools that make it easy). Syndrank makes to easy, taking less time to do tedious tasks so you can focus on what really matters. MAKING MONEY!


Easy to use


Reach 100's of sites


Save time

how syndrank works

Digital marketers are using this tool to grow their profits. Every. Single. Day!

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    Affiliate Marketing
    Rank for “review” or “best” keywords and drive viewers to click through to your offer.
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    Client SEO Pay Per Lead.
    Local keywords are notoriously easy to rank. Fill the front page of Google for every small town in your target area and watch the leads come pouring in.
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    Product description videos stand out from the rest and are the perfect way to drive traffic with buyer intent to your online storefront.

So what is the program?


The easiest and most hassle free Youtube Video Ranking Software. Never worry about accounts or wasting time embedding again. Syndrank Video Ranker takes care of everything automatically. We worry about the accounts and embeds while you focus on what matters most, making money. 

Use Syndrank for yourself, use it for your clients local lead gen videos, affiliate marketing, resell PBN embeds on services such as Legiit, Fiverr or Konker. There is no restriction on how you make money from our tool!

Why use Syndrank over the competition?

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    No BS: We don't sell our product claiming you will rank number #1 for every term. We sell it as a time saving tool and a Video SEO BOOST!
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    Active DevelopmentUnlike a lot of other software that is out there, We actively update our accounts and are always improving on our software. We also take community feedback seriously to improve our system. 
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    It's super easy!: Our software is so easy, you hardly need a tutorial. Check out the video to see how easy it is to post your video!

See how easy it is?

What People Are Saying About Syndrank

“One of my videos in a pretty competitive niche (large city SEO)"

“I saw Michael's post that he was looking for people to test out his video ranking software on and I immediately jumped on it. I had him work on one of my videos in a pretty competitive niche (large city SEO) and saw a really nice jump in rankings in less than 24 hours"

Josh P.
- Milwaukee SEO

Want to start boosting your videos?

Want to join the ever growing list of SEOs who trust Syndrank for their local lead gen and affiliate websites? Then sign up now. Still not convinced? Check out whats others have to say below. 


What Do you get?

  • Instant Access
  • Constant Updates
  • Quality Network
  • Software Support
  • 30 Submissions Per Month


I did no work, just submitted video and watched keywords..."

“I tested Syndrank for one of my videos and I can tell you that it works! In less than 24 hours pretty much all of my keywords improved positions which is amazing result. Meanwhile I did no work, just submitted video and watched keywords."

Valentino Z.
- Affiliate Marketer
Michael Pedrotti
Michael Pedrotti

Creator of Syndrank

About Michael Pedrotti

After around 10 years in the SEO and Marketing industry, Michael Pedrotti decided to share his years of knowledge with others.

Having seen the lack of quality information and tools, he set out to create his own site dedicated to helping people with only high quality content and in depth methods. The tools and methods provided today from Syndrank are always evolving and changing to stay up to date in the industry. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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How often are new accounts added?

Will my Youtube Videos rank #1?

How many times can I post per month?

How long does it take to rank?

What content don't you allow

Can I make money with this?

Do I get a copy of the links created?

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P.S. The price of Syndrank Youtube Video Ranker will be going up soon. The price it currently is wont stay that way forever. Once you signup to the cheaper plan, you will ALWAYS be on that price level. 

So what are you waiting for?


Syndrank is the go-to resource for SEO's and Marketers, looking to give themselves the competitive edge in the online space. 


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