What Is Clickfunnels

What Is Clickfunnels? An Honest Look!


What is Clickfunnels and why does Clickfunnels Pricing seem expensive? Clickfunnels is one of the best landing page builder and excellent software for creating high converting sales funnel that can replace your website. It has some pre-made templates that you can customize however you see fit. 

It's designed in a way that allows you to interact and manage with potential customers from the first time they land on your site all the way up until they become paying customers. click funnel is considered by most to be very user-friendly. Lets look deeper into What Is Clickfunnels.


What Is Clickfunnels And Why Do You Need It?

It is very easy to use and navigate build and design and You don't need any programmer or coder. 90% of it is very intuitive and within just a few minutes you can create a basic and responsive sales funnel for lead capture project, affiliate marketing sales pages and information product etc.

If your design is more in e-commerce space with the financial transaction then it will take some more time to design but still not outside the capabilities of a novice. It uses a SAAS Model to deliver the application to the user. You can also create things like the SAM Funnel and viral funnels that will spread on social media!

Why Should I Use Clickfunnels?

Russell Brunson offers his own unique value to entrepreneurs trying to build a online Business.  Funnel Hacking is a Competitor Analysis strategy that helps to build a responsive and better Landing pages and Sales Funnels in According to Your Niches. It's not about copying what other marketers are doing. 

Web hosting, email marketing software, and pretty much everything else you are paying for in regards to marketing and It is all about optimizing a website to get more leads, sales, email opt-in’s etc. He found himself laying in bed late at night wondering, What Is Clickfunnels. Haha not really but this is a a funny keyword placement

What Are Some Common Uses For Clickfunnels?

To Generate Leads 

​For leads, you have a choice between

  1. Squeeze page funnels - these are most simple and designed to captured the email list or add them to a messenger list.
  2. Application funnels -These funnels used for collecting more information such as names, phone numbers, addresses.
  3.  To sell products & services

To Generate Sales

For sales, there are the most popular options such as

  1. Two-step tripwire funnels - With the help of this you first get the customer interested with a low price product. It is also known as Upselling Technique.
  2. Video sales letter funnel - It is a different approach to selling more expensive products which are based on the Perceived Value.
  3. Product launch funnel - With the help of this You can build excitement over a product for a number of days before the actual sales dates of the product.

Build A Custom Website

Theme editor of click funnel is click-based and you simply have to click drag and drop modules to build your theme. It has a 14-days trial so you can test it before spending some money on it with the help of this you can create few funnels and start collecting leads.

Third Party Integrations 

Third party integration such as MailChimp, Paypal, Madmini, Clickbank, Get Response and Aweber etc are a life saver. Click Funnels can reduce your operational cost by more than a thousand dollars.

With The Help Of Clickfunnels, You Can Easily Create

Sales Funnels 

Sales Funnels, which helps to sell your services and products with the ability to add any downsells/upsells to your sales process.

Optin Funnels

Clickfunnels is used to capture email addresses of your visitors in the form of Video training, ebook, coupon code etc and help you to grow your email list.

Webinar Funnels

Clickfunnels is very useful for helping people register for your webinars.

Membership Sites

​It is a gated part of Your Online services where only registered members can access the content you have placed behind the gates.

What Tools Are Included With Clickfunnels?

  1. Actionetics -  It is an autoresponder which helps you set up an entire email automation and send email broadcast.
  2. Backpack - With the help of Backpack You can set up an Affiliate Program with Clickfunnels. They give 40% recurring commissions for a referral.
  3. Shopping Cart - why you need signup to another shopping cart service when you are getting Clickfunnels shopping cart that allows you to track your Customers' Order.
  4. Flawless Support
  5. Website Hosting
  6. Responsive templates and themes that You can use to customize your website
  7. You can create Integrated Payment Options like Stripe and Paypal
  8. Training material

There are many useful tools which are helpful to grow your audiences and sale if you Decide to Signup Clickfunnels.

What Is Clickfunnels Pricing?

The starting Price (Beginner Plan) is $97 per month and there is more expensive option Etison Suite priced at $297 per month which has more tools and features.

It is Definitely awesome for entrepreneurs which don't want to spend more hours on learning programming and creating websites. This makes Your job Easier and more efficient.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

The Price for Basic Package of Clickfunnels is $97 dollar per month and The Etison Suit Package is $297 per month.

Founder Of Clickfunnels, Russel Brunson, has an auto webinar, In That, he makes an incredible offer. You can get six months of Etison Package for free and an entire year of Cickfunnels for $997 all at once.

There is also a Sandwich Offer which happens when you clicking to buy and Checkout Cart. This offer is for 12 months of the Etison Suite of $1997 too if you want the overall best deal.

This plan is better because if you go with a monthly plan for Etison Suit than price will be $3564.

Click signup for the webinar to get access to the offer so You will need to go through the training script to get the offer.

ClickFunnels Pricing Table

Clickfunnels Pricing has four packages depending on the features of each plan -

  • Startup – $97 per month
  • Full Suite – $297 per month
  • Funnel Hacks – $997 for 6 months
  • Funnel Hacks 1 Year – $1997 a year
DetailsStartupFull Etison Suite
Price:$97 per month$297 per month
Number of Funnels20Unlimited
Number of Pages100Unlimited
Number of Visitors20,000Unlimited
Number of LeadsUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom Domains3Unlimited
Affiliate Program IntegrationNoYes
Number of Billing Option Integrations13

Basic Startup Plan 

There is a  startup plan which costs $97 per month and the other one is Elite Suite which costs $297 per month.  The main differences between these packages are the number of landing pages and sales funnels.

  • In this Plan, Clickfunnel is the only website builder that does not just build pages, but actually builds smarts sales funnels
  • With only just a click of a button, You can instantly create dozens of different type of sales funnels, including, webinar funnels, optin funnels, membership sites, sales funnels and more!
  • 20 Funnels, 100 Pages, 20kVisitor/mo.
  • Integrates with shopping cart CRM's and Email Autoresponders.
  • And Many More......

Elite Suite

  • All of the Benefits of Clickfunnels PlUS...
  • Unlimited Traffic/Funnels/Domain/Pages.
  • Backpack.
  • Actionetics.


Run Smart Affiliate Program Inside Your Funnels.

  1. The Easiest and Fastest Way is to have Affiliates clicks and Sales...
  2. It will track Your Affiliates clicks and Sales.
  3. Then Let You Know how much to pay your Affiliate referral partners so you can have an army of commission based sales people all with one goal to make you money


Create Action Smart Funnels (Text Messages and More)

  1. Imagine an autoresponder that doesn't just send emails, but allows you to track, which channels your visitors are coming from, segment them based on actions they take and who they are...
  2. Create custom follow up sequences (Text Messages, Email and more) for each visitor and Finally see the true lifetime value of each of your customers!
  3. and so much more...

Which Clickfunnels Plan Should You Pick?

The startup Plan is for those who are a beginner and can't handle a big, throbbing Etison Suit Yet. Etosin Plan brings significance to the table and can be for everyone who doesn't need to be limited but want to acquire a carefree bundle with functionalities.

You will test Clickfunnels today for free, find out What Is Clickfunnels and you WILL get a surprising result with it and thinking of how you ever survived without them!

And If for some reason you decide after some time that you don't want to be a member anymore, then at any time you can cancel your account.

How To Get A Clickfunnels Free Trial

Start Your Free 14 Day Trial and create Your First Funnel For FREE!

There are No contracts, No obligations, 100% risk-free and cancel at any time, Quickly Build Sales funnels that convert, Awesome Shopping Cart with 1 click upsells, Easily drag and drop webpage editor, Everything organized in one simple dashboard, Email and Facebook Marketing Automation

Clickfunnels provides you everything you need to Sell, Market and delivers your product online! Get a Clickfunnels Free Trial now!

How Would You Use A Sales Funnel For Your Business?

Inside Of Your Clickfunnels accounts, There are dozens of types of funnels that are scientifically proven to turn your website visitors into Your Customers!

Tell them your goal, and Clickfunnel will show you what funnel you need and they will give you their Highest Converting Funnel Templates. The perfect way to realise What Is Clickfunnels and how to use it

  • Want to be the best selling author than there is a funnel for that.
  • Want to Capture Leads abut the Products than there is a funnel for that.
  • Sell A Product....
  • Sell to Other Businesses.....
  • Sell A Service....

Things To Do Before You Signup

Before the Clickfunnels signup you need to know What Is Clickfunnels, below are the few things that you should consider 

Create all the file that you need funnel prior to signing up membership.

For Example - If You want to sell an ebook then you have to write the content for an ebook so you can save your time.

Who Created Clickfunnels?

Russel Brunson is the creator and spokesperson of clickfunnels, It has many tools and features that surrounded the click funnel application. It has created a unique culture around funnel hacking,  and the community of click funnel frequently identifies themselves as a funnel hacker. Clickfunnels is 360 million dollar SAAS company and entirely self-funded with no investment from a venture capitalist.

Clickfunnels Support Team

The support team of Clickfunnels is some of the best and fastest to respond that I have worked with. They respond in just a few hours and they also have an incredible facebook community where you can post your questions and multiple people reached out to answer.

Now you know what is clickfunnels! Thank You for Reading our article about Clickfunnels, We welcome your comments. Joining and Engaging in the Clickfunnels Community is a great way to Grow Your Online Business.

What Is Clickfunnels: Final Verdict

Is it worth signing up to? Of course and with its free trial, you would be crazy not to at least check it out. See what Clickfunnels can do for your business today! We hope you enjoyed our Clickfunnels Review and What Is Clickfunnels look. 

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